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Example Script Repository

This page collection features script examples and automated solutions using the JumpCloud Api. In general these examples are written using the JumpCloud PowerShell Module and SDKs. These examples are published with the intent to inspire administrators to automate their own solutions.

JumpCloud PowerShell Module and the PowerShell SDKs

In several script examples make use of both the JumpCloud PowerShell Module and it's SDKs.

The JumpCloud PowerShell Module is a collection of functions written to help administrators automate actions within their JumpCloud organizations. This module contains custom functions outside the scope of the API. Several functions have been modified to accept things like Name values instead of Ids.

The JumpCloud PowerShell SDKs are an automatically generated and verbose interpretation of the JumpCloud Api. Pagination is built into these functions but core functionality of a given function is dictated by the Api. The latest version of these SDK modules are installed whenever the JumpCloud PowerShell Module is installed or updated to a new version.

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Latest Posts:

Report on Commands and their System and System Group Associations

This script generates a CSV report of all commands and their associations to systems and system groups.

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Deploy a Windows Wifi Profile

On multiple occasions, the ability for JumpCloud to deploy WiFi network profiles via policies has been requested. Once JumpCloud supports user level profiling via policies, that feature request should be feasible. In the interim period, this blog post will detail how to copy a network profile from an existing system and deploy it to others via JumpCloud Commands. This example only demonstrates how to export and apply a plaintext password profile. This solution may not meet every use case. Please submit a feature request if this solution does not meet immediate needs

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Policy Report

This script will create a CSV report based on the given PolicyId. The script prompts the user to enter the PolicyId and the folder directory it intends to save the CSV file.

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Suspend Users By Last Successful Authentication

To suspend users by their last known successful authentication we first need to know some data about the users. Directory Insights data contains information about a users last known authentication time. The Get-JcLoginEvent function is a streamlined function to help query users who have completed a successful authentication within a defined time period. This function returns a user’s last known successful “radius_auth”, “sso_auth”, “login_attempt”, “ldap_bind” and/or “user_login_attempt”.

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Group Systems by MDM Enrollment Status

This script will create two device groups: MacOS-MDM-Pending & MacOS-MDM-Approved. It can be run multiple times to update the membership of the two system groups. If systems are waiting on MDM user approval they will be added to the MacOS-MDM-Pending group. Systems enrolled in JumpCloud MDM and user approved are added to the MacOS-MDM-Approved group.

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